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It's often human nature to want to jump in and try things off the cuff, but this can lead to expensive mistakes. Experimentation is great though when it's part of a well thought out strategy. With clear objectives, knowledge of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, your target audience, your competitors, effective solutions can be developed.


Your brand is your business personality, it says everything about you. It positions you in your marketplace and for most of us is there to attract customers and drive business. A brand is not built overnight so building a brand strategy focused on long-term goals and sustainable growth will help you gain and maintain a competitive edge.


Our customers come to us because we create not only beautiful designs but they get results. Whatever the design - a logo, website, digital or print advertisement, e-book, email, presentation, catalogue, brochure, flyer, map, financial document or point of sale material, we will make sure it not only looks good but it 's effective.

Print production
& management

Once we've designed a beautiful document for you we can manage the complete production process, ensuring the final result is one we'll all be proud of. We work with a proven team of printers who are able to print just about anything! Their standards and service are exceptional and because they know their stuff they're highly competitive too.


We develop tailor made website solutions which not only look good but are effective. And because we all have our favourite device these days your website will work just as well on a Desktop, Smartphone, Tablet or TV. We offer content managed solutions, e-commerce, can integrate third party software or develop software just for your business.

Hosting &
email accounts

Because we have our own servers we are able to offer the full compliment of hosting services including domains, websites and email accounts. Our servers are located in New Zealand, housed securely and are managed by specialists. And because we have an established relationship we are able to offer clients these services at great prices.

Search engine

We want to make sure your website not only looks good but it gets people to interact and do business with you. We also want to make sure it can be found when people are searching for your product or service. So we will conduct keyword and competitor research and ensure your website copy is optimised so it's appealing and gets recognised by search engines.


We can help you maximise the effectiveness of social media for your business. Because of the way information is shared and exchanged these days Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Tripadvisor etc. can help get exposure for your brand, products and services and importantly enable you to listen to what people are saying.

Email marketing

Email marketing is still an integral part of any marketing communications strategy and today there is a variety software available that makes it even easier and inexpensive. It's a great way to keep customers informed, it's personal, measurable and because people have opted in it's often very effective. If you're not using it, talk to us.


Because many of us are now spending heaps more time online; searching, on social media, reading the news, or looking at the latest fashion/trends in magazines, placing targetted advertising here online, where your customers are can be really effective. It's measurable too so you know where you money goes.


Writing good, effective copy is not as easy as seems yet it is one of the most essential elements of any effective marketing. Whether it's a brochure, website, catalogue, email or an advertisement, the copy needs to be engaging, informative, relevant and be able to encourage people to take some form of action.


If you don't have the time or aren't comfortable you have the skills then let us manage your content creation and publication for you. We can manage your website updates, social media, email marketing and newsletters, blog writing, just about anything that needs to be communicated regularly or when you have a special announcement to make.

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